Thursday, December 31, 2015

OOTD: As Tall As It Gets (LFW SS16 Day2)

Hello! Most of you are probably out celebrating now and will be reading this in 2016 but for my last post of 2015 I simply wanted to share my last OOTD from London Fashion Week in September to close that chapter off and get ready for upcoming London Collections: Men which is just around the corner. I'm not one for posting year highlights or resolutions so you won't see that on my blog, I will however share one of my favourite shoots I've styled this year in my next post so stay tuned for that.

As for the look, this coat is one of my favourites and you've seen it before when I wore it to the last LCM in a more elegant fashion with black jumpsuit and heels. This time I wanted to make it more casual and colourful with pastel tones of my jumper and jeans and those iridescent shoes and bag. Not gonna lie, these shoes are not the easiest to walk in but they're so worth it for all those extra inches, don't think I've ever been this tall in my life!

top, jacket - Primark
jeans - Topshop
shoes - Missguided
bag - This Is A Love Song

Monday, December 14, 2015

OOTD: Pinstripes & Nudes (LFW SS16 Day1)

God, I just love a suit! This one stole my heart with the loose fit cropped sleeve blazer and trousers that just fit so perfectly I had to get them in black as well, I added a nude long sleeve body under the blazer as it was pretty cold and I didn't want to wear a coat over the suit and finished the look off with nude buckle boots and a studded clutch bag, I'm usually not one for jewellery but this time went for a gold chunky choker, I feel like this all resulted in my most elegant selfie to date if I say so myself.

photography: Ivan Arenas

shoes, bag, jewellery - Primark
blazer, trousers - Topshop
body - Margiela for H&M

Friday, December 11, 2015

OOTD: Sassy (LFW SS16 DAy5)

Nothing adds more sass to a look than red lips, well and a fluffy pastel pink clutch bag that spells Sassy in red and black of course! I wore this outfit on the last day of London Fashion Week back in September. Pretty simple combo of casual black pieces (probably first time I wore ripped jeans to fashion week) and elegant red additions in a form of this shirt, which I decided to wear buttoned up all the way for a change (I'm more of a nonchalant type usually living couple undone buttons) and my favourite heels, which you've seen before so many times in the black version. Let me know what you think and I'll see you soon with more LFW OOTD posts!

jeans,shoes - Topshop
shirt - Primark
jacket - H&M
bag - Skinny Dip

Saturday, November 28, 2015

OOTD: Marble Print (LFW SS16 Day3)

I went MIA shortly after LFW so let me no get you up to speed with what I was wearing and later on also with my favourite collections for the next season. This look was a mix of very casual items (leather joggers and oversized lather gilet) with more delicate feminine pieces like this long slightly sheer marble print shirt, and of course my favouite heels yet again.

 photography: Ivan Arenas

photography: Laura Wells

top, trousers, glet - H&M
shoes - Topshop
bag - Primark

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

OOTD: The Lip Challenge

Hi guys! As I'm writing this post, I'm sitting on the sofa in a massive jumper wrapped up in a blanket because it's oficially winter outside and the temperatures are not my friend. This is the reason why I decided to go back to these photos from May when the weather was much more pleasurable. As I'm wearing a pretty simple all black ensemble, I went for this red lips shaped clutch to add some colour and fun factor to the whole look. And yes, those shoes are still my favourite heels, I even got 2 moe pairs of them in different colours which I will be showing you soon.

Apologies for a long absence which has been caused by personal issues.

photography: Ivan Arenas

top, shoes - Topshop
skirt - ASOS
bag - eBay
choker - H&M

Monday, September 14, 2015

OOTD: Lady in Red (LFW SS15 Day3)

There's only few days left till London Fashion Week starts again and the madness that surrounds it. Before that happens I still have two outfits to show you from last year's LFW in September. Everytime I wear this jumpsuit I feel like I need to add more red into my wardrobe. There's nothing sexier than a bit of red lipstick and red heels even if you're only wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, but wearing all red is taking things to another level. You can see I pretty much went all out with this look even matching my clutch bag, phone case and ring - all red and lips shaped.

jumpsuit - Topshop
shoes - Primark
bag - eBay
phone case & ring - H&M

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

OOTD: I Will Always Rememeber You (LFW AW15 Day5)

Before the next London Fashion Week starts later this month, let me go back to previous season in Februry. These photos are from the last day, when I posted my look from that day on my instagram account at the end of LFW I captioned it "Somerser House, see you next season!", little did I know that they would change the venue from then on. I have to say I was really upset when I found out about it in April and still am very sceptical about it, I've grown to love Somerset House as the heart of LFW and can't imagine in being held anywhere elsebut I guess I'll have to wait and see soon.

dress - ASOS
body - Margiela for H&M
coat - Topshop
shoes - H&M
headband - FREEDOM at Topshop
belt - Primark

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

OOTD: Black & Blue (LCM SS16 Day3)

Another post, another London Collections: Men outfit. This one was a really easy and comfortable one but still made me feel very put together. You already know my obsession with jumpsuits and this is just another one in my collection though definitelly a first one with high neckline. Normally I'm not a fan of high necks but there always needs to be an exception to the rule and it just works here. The coat I'm wearing was a really lucky find becasue there were only 2 left when I spotted it and I just love its colour and print, the best part about it is the fact that is made from a neoprene like fabric so it keeps its shape so well!

photography: Laura Wells

jumpsuit, shoes - Topshop
jacket, bag - Primark
necklace - H&M

Monday, August 31, 2015

OOTD: All Suited Up (LCM SS16 Day2)

There's something about a suit on a woman that is very appealing to me and I too wanted to be that classy lady in a suit one day. Still searching for a perfect black and red two pieces but got this white one at the end of last year and have been dying to wear it ever since. I've actually wore it once before with black jumper and heels but didn't get a hold of the photos from then. When the spring summer LCM came around this time in June, I thought it was the perfect occasion to finally wear it at it's best with only gold details to make it even more elegant.

photography: Ivan Arenas

top, blazer, trousers - Topshop
shoes, bag - Primark

Monday, July 27, 2015

STYLING: The Anabel Englund (My Editorial Work)

Hello, hello there! Today, let me show you this mini shoot I did at the end of last year with no one other than Anabel Englund herself! She's an american singer from California, she's performed at major music festivals around the world including one of the most famous ones - Coachela. Shooting with her was a highly stressful experience becasue it was very last minute and we only had an hour but overall it was amazing and here are the results.

photography: Giselle Palou
styling: yours truly!
featured brands: H&M, Nana Judy, Primark, Reverse, This Is A Love Song
make-up: Valentina Flores

Monday, July 13, 2015

OOTD: I'm a Diva (LCM SS16 Day1)

Hello! It's taken me weeks to finally sit down and go through photos from London Collections: Men but here I am at last with the outfit from the first day. It was actually a really hot day so I quickly got rid of my blazer but kept one of the coolest things I own - this pastel pink shearling stole which, together with the pink sunglasses, apparently made me look like a diva hence the title of this post. I'll be posting the rest of my looks from LCM soon, but all in all it was a great season, loved the collection and the whole atmosphere and had an absolute blast.

photography: Ivan Arenas

jeans, stole, bag, shoes - Topshop
top - Primark
blazer - SheInside