Sunday, February 1, 2015


So it's already 1st of February and this is only my first post of 2015!

Hope you've had a great New Years and that this first month of 2015 has treated you well. Mine has already been full of ups and down as I've been ill for a while but that gave me some time to think and I've decided I need to get back to blogging when I'm ready and hopefully this time is now. This is just a bit of a "Hello! I'm still here and I've missed you guys!" post to let you know that I'm hitting a refresh button and will try to post weekly from now on. I still will be posting my looks as well as my styling work on here but I also plan on introducing new categories of posts like my favourite items in my closet or my favourite trends and products.

Let's raise a glass to new begininngs because it's never too late to start fresh again! See you soon! xx

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